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Item: UV-03 Disinfection System series
For a long time, sulfonated substances, monochloride and even chlorine liquid had been used to purify water of swimming pools. Thanks to the development of ozone technology since the 20th century, ozone begins to be used in water treatment and reveals increasing superiority. But there are still many problems in ozone application:
1.      The construction cost of ozone machine and reaction tower is really high, scaring away many users.
2.      There’re few varieties of mixer that can worth with ozone machine and the mixing efficiency is low; 30%-70% of the ozone generated can be dissolved by water but escape, which result in not only air pollution, but also more ozone machine required and investment increased.
3.      The purification equipment of swimming pools should be purchased one by one, resulting in disorder of model, difficulty in matching, unstable quality, and high possibility of damage and repair. After many years researches and development, we manage to combine light with ozone and create an uptodate disinfection system with satisfying treatment effects. This is our UV-03 disinfection system!
This system utilizes UV rays of special wavelength to stimulate the activity of ozone and speech up its reaction with water into OH-. Accordingly, the system achieves better disinfection effects than the application of ozone simply.
一、Theoretical Basis
OH- is a kind of active substance after the reaction of ozone with water. The oxidizing and disinfection ability of OH- are respectively 10-100 times and 3125 times that of CIO-. This is the theoretical basis of UV-03 system.
二、The application of UV-03 disinfection system to swimming pools will bring 3 major benefits:
1. With the strongest bactericidal action, this system helps prevent the spreading of infectious diseases. Experimental tests show that, coliform bacteria can be killed within 3 seconds only, but some pathogenic bacteria like viruses, amoeba proteus and blastula resist chlorine but still can be killed by OH-. This UV-03 disinfection system works to guarantee reliable quality of water in swimming pools.
2. With super oxidizing ability, this UV-03 disinfection system prevents the accumulation of compounds with distinct odor in the swimming pools, including the accumulation of swimmer’s excrement and chloric organic substances resulted from chlorination. These compounds include monochloro amine, dichloramine, trichloroamine, THM, creatine chloride, uric acid and urea, most of which are colored or smelly and belong to the predecessors of THM. This UV-03 disinfection system actually works to stop the formation of these predecessors and leave the swimming pool becoming a healthy body-building place with clean water, fresh air and no stimulant to eyelids and nasal mucosa. Clearly, the most important thing is that the THM in water is reduced remarkably, which creates the best condition for a healthy swimming pool.
3. This UV-03 disinfection system assists sand filters to remove metallic salt and organic substances. That is because organic substances are easy to become multipole compound during oxidation and combine polyvalent metallic positive ions like Ca, Mn, Fe and Al into complex compound. It becomes micro-flocculent and is removed by the sand filters. Ozone can make green water of a swimming pool become blue, clean and shiny.
三、System Structure and Features:
1. UV rays of special wavelength are used to irradiate pool water. This helps increase the formation of OH- and speed up oxidation and disinfection!
2. This UV-03 disinfection system guarantees efficient disinfection and oxidation effects but less ozone is requied.
3. This UV-03 disinfection system reduces the dosage of chlorine.
4. In this UV-03 disinfection system, the OH- resulted from the synergic action of ozone and UV is very powerful in the oxidative decomposition and removal of organic pollutant! Under the optical action of UV rays, the work of disinfection can be completed right away, which is of great importance to the removal of human excrement, sweat, urea and uric acid in a swimming pool!
5. Compared to the application of ozone simply, this UV-03 disinfection system helps to save investment by at lease 40%.
Equipment list of the UV-03 disinfection system for swimming pools
Water Capacity M3: System Model Mighty Ozone Machine Jet injector (fluoroplastics) Dual-Flow Air & Water Mixer Triple-Folded Swirl Mixer UV-HO Reaction Tower Chlorine Releaser Distribution Box  Booster Pump (Inline Pump)
30 01A 5g/h SWH-20153 SWH-40 SMH-5 40W-0.4x0.4M Automatic Dose Maker micro PC 0.3WK
50-80 02A 10g/h SWH-20153 SWH-40 SMH-5 40W-0.6x1.0M Automatic Dose Maker  Built-in 0.5WK
130 03A 20g/h SWH-25232 SWH-40 SMH-10 40W-0.6x1.0M Automatic Dose Maker  Built-in 0.5WK
220 04A 30g/h SWH-25232 SWH-40 SMH-10 60W-0.6x1.0M Automatic Dose Maker  Built-in 1.1WK
300-400 05A 50g/h SWH-40275 SWH-40 SMH-20 100W-0.8x1.4M  Chemicals Feed Pump 1  Built-in 1.1WK
500-600 06A 80g/h SWH-50295 SWH-40 SMH-20 100W-0.3x6M Chemicals Feed Pump 1  Built-in 1.5WK
800 07A 100g/h SWH-50295 SWH-50 SMH-40 160W-1.0x1.8M Chemicals Feed Pump 1   2.2WK
1000 08A 80g/h2 piece SWH-50295(2piece) SWH-50 SMH-40(2 piece) 160W-1.0x1.8M  Chemicals Feed Pump 1   2.2WK
1500 09A 100g/h-2 piece SWH-50295(2piece) SWH-50 SMH-40(2 piece) 160W-1.0x1.8M Chemicals Feed Pump 1   Energy-Saving Pump
1800 10A 150g/h-1 100g/h-1 SWH-50295 SWH-50 SMH-40(2 piece) 320W-1.0x1.8M-2 piece Chemicals Feed Pump 1   Energy-Saving Pump
2000-2200 11A 100g/h-3 piece SWH-50295 SWH-50 SMH-40(3 piece) 480W-1.0x1.8M-3 piece  Chemicals Feed Pump 1   Energy-Saving Pump



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