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ANPOW Series Integrative Filtration are designed to offer the ideal combination of energy efficiency and outstanding water clarity. Perfect combination for the same flow rate, is equipped with top-mount sand filter and water pump. The system is designed lightweight and durable, easy to install and use, the best choice for swimming pool.
型号 编号 设备组成 Equipment Combination
Item No. Code 沙缸 水泵 毛发过滤器
    Sand Filter Water Pump Hair Filter
FS400 F-01 S400 0.5HP-1.0HP Hair Filter
FS450 F-02 S450 0.75HP-1.0HP Hair Filter
FS500 F-03 S500 1.0HP Hair Filter
FS525 F-04 S525 1.0HP Hair Filter
FS550 F-05 S550 1.0HP-1.5HP Hair Filter
FS600 F-06 S600 1.5HP Hair Filter

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